Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween # Dul

So I officially LOVE Halloween. Because after all the history and feelings toward it, it's really just a chance to do three of the funnest things:
1) dress up
2) gather with heaps of friends
3) drink!

Mum always sheltered us from Halloween, I remember not being allowed to watch any Halloween specials on The Simpsons (which I completely understand and appreciate now, they're so graphic and I still hate watching them!), and there was no trick or treating (not that Omarama or Te Anau were very big on that)... definitely respect that decision.
But once I'm a grown up girl surrounded by North Americans, I see the benefits of the "holiday".
I kicked off my Halloween experience at Now Bar carving pumpkins. Was a lot of fun, very messy, but I was pretty pleased with mine:

Aidan, Ann, Sara, me and Michelle with our
skillfully carved pumpkins.

Yup, mine's the speckled one in the middle.
One proud jack-o-lantern-making Kiwi right here.

Then on Friday night I spent a lot of time and effort getting ready.I decided last minute to go as Edward Scissorhands, so mega washed out makeup, crazy teased hair, a friend's borrowed jacket and some pointy tinfoil cardboard creations for my hands. I love Edward Scissorhands, and it reminded me of when I was maybe 8, still in Omarama, and mum and dad had rented it the night before from the dairy. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and they asked me to walk to the dairy and return it, however I hadn't even left my street when I was freaking out that his scissorhands would reach out from the videotape and cut me! I popped into my friend's house to get a bag to take it the rest of the way. Bless.

We all gathered in the park for "Trick or Drink", a tikitour through Yeongtong to particular people's apartment where we all had a shot. Some were nice but most were quite disgusting and passable... but it was a lot of fun just wandering around the streets in a major parade - the police apparently suggested to us to keep it down!

Sara the ladybug dishing out yummy
fruity shots at her apartment.

Aidan created this evil skeleton Legoman
costume - and then let off fireworks in it

Jeremy as Venus Williams (with a Serena in tow)

And old Edward Scissorhands, possibly
cutting up his face?

Scaring Koreans

Full frontal of the costume - I was pretty pleased with it!

Michelle and I had some time to kill waiting for
friends in the park so climbed the fountain.

Michelle the Cass bottle (Korean beer)

Prentending to be a drunken Korean...
Eventually we arrive at Now Bar where the party continued:

Benusa the Sheriff

Edward Scissorhands attempts to show some moves to
Veronica the Tae-kwon-do Kid (sidebar: people are convinced
we're separated at birth and confuse us a lot - pointy noses etc)

Marty the Ninja

Kate the Penguin and Ed with my pumpkin

Penguin and Aidan-Legoman

Benusa Sheriff again

Michelle and I

Cass and Ryan as Mrs C

Sheriff has a long cold one after a hard day on the beat

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