Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm so cold, Jack!

Here are just a few piccies from a recent snowfall - the first real one of the winter. And my first snow for 3 1/2 years - more than exciting, I can tell you! Now I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Yeongtong Park, where so many summer's days were spent
Happy to be in the snow!

Snow graffiti

The snow falling outside my apartment

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Yesterday I was teaching the 5-Ws to four of my favourite kids, ones I see every afternoon, and decided the best way for them to practice was to write me stories making sure they include who/what/when/where/why. I love these stories, they're so random but unlike so many of the kids I teach, these kids have great imaginations and almost the ability to actually get it out in English so I'm pretty impressed. They're semi-edited them so they're easier to read but I've kept some of the mistakes in so you get an idea of their broken English. Enjoy.

Our class goes to the zoo with my teachers. It was Saturday. Because we were bored. We ate a lunch in the park. Suddenly an elephant cookie came out of the jar and eat our lunch! We was very sad because we have our favourite lunch. So, we decided to ate the giant elephant cookie. But it was so big! But we ate it. Finally we was fool!

I go to the hospital. And I'm happy! Because doctor said "You broke your teeth, then you ate a candy and cookie!!" But doctor said "You didn't eat a candy and cookie". And I'm a surprise! And I think this doctor is silly! Because at 6 o'clock he change to robot!

Frank and I went to Homeplus last Thursday. The coupon contest was at the coffee shop. Dolly sister and Lynn want to do it because they can get money so they do the coupon contest Dolly said "hundred, million, billion". And Lynn said "Ninety, five hundred, ten million, trillion". So Lynn won! She got 100,0000,000 money. It was very fun.

I go to the Everland with Caton. We drink a hot cocoa and eat food and we play on a boat in the water. It is night, 6.30pm. We watch a movie, too! It is very fantastic!!!!!! The chair is shake and in the movie the character is really out with the people but we take the glasses off, it is just in the movie. I think it is a magic. Why did we go to the Everland? Because it is lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!