Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuteness at school

Some of my favourite girls in the afternoon classes today decorated the white board for me - no apparent reason, usually teachers only get this kind of treatment if it's their birthday or your last day... so I consider myself pretty lucky!

The girls hard at it

Chris - also usually in the class - was feeling sick after getting
the vaccination for Swine Flu so was meant to be lying down
but I think he felt a little left out of the action!

A close-up of the "Kind Sophie Tearcher Tree"

I love these kids, they seem to have a lot of fun learning and don't find it too difficult, and we play a lot of "learning" games (read: games I make up on the spot) when they get finished early.

The gorgeous girls, Kelly (shy as hell but so sweet),
Claudia (very smart and has a slight lisp, love her!),
Amy (also supremely shy but cute) and Julie (Loud and
very funny, one of my favourites in the whole school)

I've been teaching Amy, Julie and Kelly since I arrived but Claudia was new when we shifted schools. She's great though, so sweet. She told me one day her favourite movie was Richie Rich (old maybe mid 90s Macauley Culkin film) and I said the actor Richie was in my favourite movie when I was her age, My Girl. The next time I had this class she told me she watched it! So Cute!
This is what she said in her lispy broken English: "Teacher. My Girl movie, I watch. Thomas is Richie! Thomas, bees, and die."... about sums it up!
In for a close up

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