Monday, November 16, 2009


In Korea, November 11 is Pepero Day. Pepero is like Pocky (the Japanese version) which is sold in NZ, it's sticks of pretzel/ wafer/ biscuit covered in chocolate, and is a very popular snack here.
Pepero day is huge, and while I haven't seen Valentines Day here yet, seems to be just another reason for Koreans to get loved up. But really it's completely comercialised and created entirely by Lotte, a massive company here who manufacture fricken everything, food, housey stuff etc, have fast food chains, an amusement park in Seoul and great big department stores.
This sight was to be seen all around the country in the days leading up to 11/11:

A display of Pepero outside a convenience store

Great day for teachers, as the kids all bring you pepero, and my desk has been stacked with the stuff since last Wednesday. Also randomly they promote Ferrero Rocher, I was stoked to get some of those as well! Not so stoked to get a lollipop (I think the girl forgot and felt bad, and I think it was actually meant for her but she insisted I take it)... or a stick of gum...

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