Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm so cold, Jack!

Here are just a few piccies from a recent snowfall - the first real one of the winter. And my first snow for 3 1/2 years - more than exciting, I can tell you! Now I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Yeongtong Park, where so many summer's days were spent
Happy to be in the snow!

Snow graffiti

The snow falling outside my apartment

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Yesterday I was teaching the 5-Ws to four of my favourite kids, ones I see every afternoon, and decided the best way for them to practice was to write me stories making sure they include who/what/when/where/why. I love these stories, they're so random but unlike so many of the kids I teach, these kids have great imaginations and almost the ability to actually get it out in English so I'm pretty impressed. They're semi-edited them so they're easier to read but I've kept some of the mistakes in so you get an idea of their broken English. Enjoy.

Our class goes to the zoo with my teachers. It was Saturday. Because we were bored. We ate a lunch in the park. Suddenly an elephant cookie came out of the jar and eat our lunch! We was very sad because we have our favourite lunch. So, we decided to ate the giant elephant cookie. But it was so big! But we ate it. Finally we was fool!

I go to the hospital. And I'm happy! Because doctor said "You broke your teeth, then you ate a candy and cookie!!" But doctor said "You didn't eat a candy and cookie". And I'm a surprise! And I think this doctor is silly! Because at 6 o'clock he change to robot!

Frank and I went to Homeplus last Thursday. The coupon contest was at the coffee shop. Dolly sister and Lynn want to do it because they can get money so they do the coupon contest Dolly said "hundred, million, billion". And Lynn said "Ninety, five hundred, ten million, trillion". So Lynn won! She got 100,0000,000 money. It was very fun.

I go to the Everland with Caton. We drink a hot cocoa and eat food and we play on a boat in the water. It is night, 6.30pm. We watch a movie, too! It is very fantastic!!!!!! The chair is shake and in the movie the character is really out with the people but we take the glasses off, it is just in the movie. I think it is a magic. Why did we go to the Everland? Because it is lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuteness at school

Some of my favourite girls in the afternoon classes today decorated the white board for me - no apparent reason, usually teachers only get this kind of treatment if it's their birthday or your last day... so I consider myself pretty lucky!

The girls hard at it

Chris - also usually in the class - was feeling sick after getting
the vaccination for Swine Flu so was meant to be lying down
but I think he felt a little left out of the action!

A close-up of the "Kind Sophie Tearcher Tree"

I love these kids, they seem to have a lot of fun learning and don't find it too difficult, and we play a lot of "learning" games (read: games I make up on the spot) when they get finished early.

The gorgeous girls, Kelly (shy as hell but so sweet),
Claudia (very smart and has a slight lisp, love her!),
Amy (also supremely shy but cute) and Julie (Loud and
very funny, one of my favourites in the whole school)

I've been teaching Amy, Julie and Kelly since I arrived but Claudia was new when we shifted schools. She's great though, so sweet. She told me one day her favourite movie was Richie Rich (old maybe mid 90s Macauley Culkin film) and I said the actor Richie was in my favourite movie when I was her age, My Girl. The next time I had this class she told me she watched it! So Cute!
This is what she said in her lispy broken English: "Teacher. My Girl movie, I watch. Thomas is Richie! Thomas, bees, and die."... about sums it up!
In for a close up


In Korea, November 11 is Pepero Day. Pepero is like Pocky (the Japanese version) which is sold in NZ, it's sticks of pretzel/ wafer/ biscuit covered in chocolate, and is a very popular snack here.
Pepero day is huge, and while I haven't seen Valentines Day here yet, seems to be just another reason for Koreans to get loved up. But really it's completely comercialised and created entirely by Lotte, a massive company here who manufacture fricken everything, food, housey stuff etc, have fast food chains, an amusement park in Seoul and great big department stores.
This sight was to be seen all around the country in the days leading up to 11/11:

A display of Pepero outside a convenience store

Great day for teachers, as the kids all bring you pepero, and my desk has been stacked with the stuff since last Wednesday. Also randomly they promote Ferrero Rocher, I was stoked to get some of those as well! Not so stoked to get a lollipop (I think the girl forgot and felt bad, and I think it was actually meant for her but she insisted I take it)... or a stick of gum...

Anguk and the Owls

A couple of weekends back my Kiwi friend Skye and I went on a trip into what is now definitely my favourite area of Seoul - Anguk. It's super near a lot of the other bits I've loved too, and is a really cool place to explore - lots of random little museums, heaps of amazing little botique stores selling clothes, hats, jewellery and ceramics, and cool cafes.
Our goal was to get around three of the museums, Tibet, Chicken Art (simply to finally answer the question that's been plaguing me for some time: is it art featuring chicken or do the chickens actually MAKE the art?!) and the Owl museum (because owls are practically my favourite animal)... however slowness/lostness/museums being closed meant we only saw the owls... but did a lot of wandering around too and all in all was a rather lovely afternoon! Here are some pix.

Love these flowers, so sunny looking, outside a bank

Anguk is a bit of a mesh with old and new

The Owl Museum is really just a room packed literally to the rafters with things featuring owls... a kooky old lady started her obsession with owls in grade 2 and since then has been collecting... and collecting... it's pretty overwhelming, the bizarre things she deemed worthy to go behind glass, including a towel of Harry Potter and his owl, a pen with a tiiiiiiny little owl on it - which was a freebe from some university and (it's Korea, so it's obligatory) some neon flashing owls...
Inside the Owl Museum

Owl cookie.... about the size of a 1year-old baby

Mini Owls

After this I was told not to take photos so that's all I got but it was pretty funny experience. The fee to get in included a free drink so we sat after at tables alongside wee families whose children were given stamps and pens to draw owls... so we did too! Mine is now adorning my fridge.

Bizarro drawing on the wall outside the museum - Love it!


An eave on a very old house and a persimmon tree

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween # Dul

So I officially LOVE Halloween. Because after all the history and feelings toward it, it's really just a chance to do three of the funnest things:
1) dress up
2) gather with heaps of friends
3) drink!

Mum always sheltered us from Halloween, I remember not being allowed to watch any Halloween specials on The Simpsons (which I completely understand and appreciate now, they're so graphic and I still hate watching them!), and there was no trick or treating (not that Omarama or Te Anau were very big on that)... definitely respect that decision.
But once I'm a grown up girl surrounded by North Americans, I see the benefits of the "holiday".
I kicked off my Halloween experience at Now Bar carving pumpkins. Was a lot of fun, very messy, but I was pretty pleased with mine:

Aidan, Ann, Sara, me and Michelle with our
skillfully carved pumpkins.

Yup, mine's the speckled one in the middle.
One proud jack-o-lantern-making Kiwi right here.

Then on Friday night I spent a lot of time and effort getting ready.I decided last minute to go as Edward Scissorhands, so mega washed out makeup, crazy teased hair, a friend's borrowed jacket and some pointy tinfoil cardboard creations for my hands. I love Edward Scissorhands, and it reminded me of when I was maybe 8, still in Omarama, and mum and dad had rented it the night before from the dairy. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and they asked me to walk to the dairy and return it, however I hadn't even left my street when I was freaking out that his scissorhands would reach out from the videotape and cut me! I popped into my friend's house to get a bag to take it the rest of the way. Bless.

We all gathered in the park for "Trick or Drink", a tikitour through Yeongtong to particular people's apartment where we all had a shot. Some were nice but most were quite disgusting and passable... but it was a lot of fun just wandering around the streets in a major parade - the police apparently suggested to us to keep it down!

Sara the ladybug dishing out yummy
fruity shots at her apartment.

Aidan created this evil skeleton Legoman
costume - and then let off fireworks in it

Jeremy as Venus Williams (with a Serena in tow)

And old Edward Scissorhands, possibly
cutting up his face?

Scaring Koreans

Full frontal of the costume - I was pretty pleased with it!

Michelle and I had some time to kill waiting for
friends in the park so climbed the fountain.

Michelle the Cass bottle (Korean beer)

Prentending to be a drunken Korean...
Eventually we arrive at Now Bar where the party continued:

Benusa the Sheriff

Edward Scissorhands attempts to show some moves to
Veronica the Tae-kwon-do Kid (sidebar: people are convinced
we're separated at birth and confuse us a lot - pointy noses etc)

Marty the Ninja

Kate the Penguin and Ed with my pumpkin

Penguin and Aidan-Legoman

Benusa Sheriff again

Michelle and I

Cass and Ryan as Mrs C

Sheriff has a long cold one after a hard day on the beat

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween # Hana

The day after Beyonce, WEL kindergarten packed into our buses and headed to the Suwon English Village for a Halloween party. The schedule was pretty underwhelming, with the kids making Halloween cards, baskets for trick or treating etc, but our kids were dressed to the nines. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, they were just SO cute! Here are a selection of the best:

William the Power Ranger (all the kids here
are obsessed with it)


Kevin, my new favourite student, I love this boy!

Stephanie (snow white) and Abigail (fairy)

In the hallways were random pictures of
New Zealand - no idea why, so I got to take
a mini hiatus back home - Love ya Dunedin!

The line up of Venus, Mars and Mercury classes

Kyle (superman) totally acting the part!

David the little devil. Generally sweet, but
he definitely has a little of the devil in him: fitting!

Beautiful Abigail as some kind of fairy - SO cute!

Smiley Kevin after getting attacked by the
tickle monster!