Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween # Hana

The day after Beyonce, WEL kindergarten packed into our buses and headed to the Suwon English Village for a Halloween party. The schedule was pretty underwhelming, with the kids making Halloween cards, baskets for trick or treating etc, but our kids were dressed to the nines. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, they were just SO cute! Here are a selection of the best:

William the Power Ranger (all the kids here
are obsessed with it)


Kevin, my new favourite student, I love this boy!

Stephanie (snow white) and Abigail (fairy)

In the hallways were random pictures of
New Zealand - no idea why, so I got to take
a mini hiatus back home - Love ya Dunedin!

The line up of Venus, Mars and Mercury classes

Kyle (superman) totally acting the part!

David the little devil. Generally sweet, but
he definitely has a little of the devil in him: fitting!

Beautiful Abigail as some kind of fairy - SO cute!

Smiley Kevin after getting attacked by the
tickle monster!

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