Monday, November 16, 2009

Anguk and the Owls

A couple of weekends back my Kiwi friend Skye and I went on a trip into what is now definitely my favourite area of Seoul - Anguk. It's super near a lot of the other bits I've loved too, and is a really cool place to explore - lots of random little museums, heaps of amazing little botique stores selling clothes, hats, jewellery and ceramics, and cool cafes.
Our goal was to get around three of the museums, Tibet, Chicken Art (simply to finally answer the question that's been plaguing me for some time: is it art featuring chicken or do the chickens actually MAKE the art?!) and the Owl museum (because owls are practically my favourite animal)... however slowness/lostness/museums being closed meant we only saw the owls... but did a lot of wandering around too and all in all was a rather lovely afternoon! Here are some pix.

Love these flowers, so sunny looking, outside a bank

Anguk is a bit of a mesh with old and new

The Owl Museum is really just a room packed literally to the rafters with things featuring owls... a kooky old lady started her obsession with owls in grade 2 and since then has been collecting... and collecting... it's pretty overwhelming, the bizarre things she deemed worthy to go behind glass, including a towel of Harry Potter and his owl, a pen with a tiiiiiiny little owl on it - which was a freebe from some university and (it's Korea, so it's obligatory) some neon flashing owls...
Inside the Owl Museum

Owl cookie.... about the size of a 1year-old baby

Mini Owls

After this I was told not to take photos so that's all I got but it was pretty funny experience. The fee to get in included a free drink so we sat after at tables alongside wee families whose children were given stamps and pens to draw owls... so we did too! Mine is now adorning my fridge.

Bizarro drawing on the wall outside the museum - Love it!


An eave on a very old house and a persimmon tree

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